Leffingwell Forest Preserve Association

About LFPA

LFPA , a 501(c)3 corporation, was formed in 1920 for the sole purpose of preserving roughly 100 acres of virgin forest located in the village of Old Mission, Michigan. LFPA's bylaws read: Property of the association shall be used for park purposes solely, and, so far as possible, shall be maintained in its virgin condition. No trees or timber shall be peeled, marred, cut down or destroyed.


Donated by local families who desired that this tract be preserved undisturbed in perpetuity, our forest looks as it did in 1920, and probably as it did even in ancient times. The land is host to old growth trees, countless birds, numerous animals, and intrepid children who explore its wonders. Generations of nearby residents have enjoyed it for its peace, magical sounds, and unsurpassed beauty.

To contact us:

P.O. Box 34

Old Mission, MI 49673